Lucky Winners

The Mega Millions lottery is no stranger to big payouts this year. Already, the progressive jackpot has grown to over $100 million twice this year. Now, it has begun to rise again. Nobody was lucky enough to claim the top prize for Friday's draw, and now the jackpot continues to grow. The next drawing early next week will be for $43 million.

The Powerball jackpot, another multi-state lottery is also growing. Tonight's drawing will be for $75 million. Should nobody win that drawing, the jackpot could rise to over $100 million for the next draw. While Powerball is growing, it has not been up at the astronomical numbers that Mega Millions has this year.

To start the year, the jackpot rose to triple digits, then a couple of months later is back to triple digits again. The multi-state lottery's are being played in many states in the country. Both have tremendous popularity in the states in which they are played. Just this week, the state of Arkansas moved closer to having a state lottery of their own.

Their governor received the necessary vote4s to get the lottery idea on the ballot in November. They are one of the few states that currently do not have their own lottery.


Online casino lucky winners: : Florida and Texas Lottery's Looking For A Jackpot Winner

On most weekends, it is the big multi-state lottery's that get the attention of the country. They are usually the ones with the highest payouts. The Florida Lotto game is currently the highest jackpot for any individual state lottery.

The $25 million grand prize is even higher than the current Powerball jackpot. Today, however, while the Powerball Lottery is drawing for only $20 million, the states of Florida and Texas will wait and see if anyone can come up with the winning numbers for higher jackpots.

Over in Texas, their drawing is similar to the one in the Sunshine State. Lotto Texas has a jackpot for tonight's drawing of $24 million. No other individual state lottery is even above $10 million tonight. The Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries have both been the spotlight of the lottery this year.

They both have had consistent jackpots that have been up around $100 million. Mega Millions is on their way back towards that figure after nobody won o0n Friday. Their jackpot will be $56 million for the next draw which will take place on Tuesday.


Online casino lucky winners: : Ohio Gambler Wins $196 Million Mega Money Lottery Jackpot

The Mega Money lottery game has been getting a lot of attention so far this year. The jackpot has grown several times to figures that are extraordinary. Over the past few weeks, the lottery has once again begun to grow, this time it had reached $196 million for Friday's draw.

If nobody hit the casino games of lucky winning numbers on Friday, the jackpot would have grown to well over $200 million. Though nobody has come forward yet to claim the prize, the owners of the store are anxious to see which of their customers the lucky multi-millionaire is.

"I'm dying to know who won," said Mike Goldstein, who owns the store with Barby Goldstein. That scenario was avoided, however, after the winning lottery ticket was sold in Ohio. Main Street Wine and Spirits in Amelia, Ohio, was the location the winning ticket was sold.

The winning ticket marks the first time in a year and a half that the winner came from the state of Ohio. Seventeen players were close to sharing a portion of the big prize. They matched all five numbers, but failed to match the Mega Ball. The winning numbers were 6,11,39,46, and 47. 26 was the Mega Ball number.